Friday, July 17, 2015

Snake Dance

Anytime I am drawn to 'serpentine' crystal rocks, I know my kundalini is shifting sands. The serpent, or snake represents, among many things- an awakening. It's presence signifies there is energy within you that is seeking change or a release.

For most, we cannot 'stop' growing as children. Our bones and bodies know only to grow and change. Much like physical 'growing pains' that occur while we become youthfully mature stewards of the earth,... there can be emotional, mental and 'spiritual' growing pains that happen after our physical bodies have stopped growing. The truth is, we are always growing in one way or another. Growing new cells. new organs, new attitudes, new perspectives, new abilities to love and receive love... 

Are your spiritual practices awakening new levels of energy within you? Do you feel as if new memories are possible? Are you are willing to let go of pains of the past? If the answer is YES, then do the work required to heal yourself. Healing often requires us to slow down or take time out from our day-to-day routines. Reflect and relax. Unplug from the grid. Feel your emotions and then release them. As you feel (the innate growth of) your spirit ever pushing you to expand beyond the notion of who you think you are... Make room for the awakening energy within you to transmute and rise. Set ablaze your Staff of Power, in motion to the rhythm of your sacred soul. Dance the dance of the serpent. 
~ In Light, Tuesday 

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