Sunday, August 30, 2015

Staff of Power 1

Be mindful what you give your consent to. Be mindful what you give your unconscious agreement to. Is it in alignment with your inner truth? If not, stay neutral.

I used to go along with anything and everything. I used to follow the crowd and even allow myself to be bullied by other people's opinions or energy. 

I have since found my Staff of Power. I have learned how to say "no" gracefully. Another power I have found is the power of staying neutral. It is not a yes or a no, but rather a field of possibility that is not yet set in motion by your power of deciding.

Because every situation is not for you, does not mean that every situation is against you. We are ever learning, changing and growing. Sometimes we have to say yes, just so we can realize ..."oh, this is a no." As you cultivate self love, you will have the opportunity to say yes more often, and you will also learn how to gracefully say no thank you