Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Letter to Everything

Hello 'Everything' as it pertains to me. 
While I undergo pain- there is a realization that I am co-creator with the pain. 
And so in taking responsibility for it, I must let this craziness go, once and for all.
I let you go, 'Control'.

Sometimes we don't even know we are seeking to control things, but we just do...
until we don't.

Higher Self; "I'm letting you know it's okay to release control. 
No-one is going to hurt you or do you wrong or bad- or anything at all. 
Everything is going to be okay. 
In fact, it will be better than okay because you can now release your grip on the world 
and trust." 

Trust your self, 
trust the world, 
trust the process.


copyright TuesdayMayThomas