Friday, July 17, 2015

Healer Heal Thyself

Teachers, parents, guardians, counselors, tarot readers, healers, caregivers, team leaders,... and everyone that holds space for others to be safe, be well, be educated, be healed, be seen, be heard and be loved..... Take time out to heal yourself!

Know that you can press the pause button on life. And no, the world will not explode without your gifts, though it may implode if you do not slow down once and a while and breathe with purpose. The relations between you and your community, family, clients and friends will only be enhanced by you taking time out to recharge your batteries. 

Listen to the call... What is it? It is your body, your emotions, your mind... asking you to relax. Perhaps some deeper issues or lessons have been calling for your attention. Is it time to do your personal inner work? Your growth is important. We need you to know what it feels like to grow, so that as we enter our own growth, you can hold that space for us too. With Gratitude, xo Tuesday

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