Friday, July 17, 2015

Mother Teresa - An Enlightened Warrior that sets a powerful example of kindness.

Mother Teresa
A saint of compassion and love. An Enlightened Warrior that sets a powerful example of kindness.

The universe gifts us signals and signs all the time. When we are fortunate enough to be present and receive the blessings offered, we can find much comfort in these sacred messages from the 'source'.

At a recent visit to Kinkos I experienced a paper jam when attempting to make copies from the upper chamber of the machine. This prompted me to open the lid to make copies in the old fashioned way. Low and behold, I found a beautiful sketch of Mother Teresa in the copier. 

I looked around, thinking I would find the artist and give it to them... Maybe they forgot it? There was no one around, only me and Mother Teresa. I pondered that it may be a gift for me from the universe, but then decided it WAS a gift, but not just for me, for anyone who wanted to receive it. So I made a copy to take home and left it under the lid as I had found it. 

As soon as I got home, I found this moving interview with the Mother. In it she speaks about many types of poverty and hunger... and not just the 'no money, no home' kind of poverty and hunger, but a poverty of people feeling hungry to be 'loved'. She speaks of how many are hungry in the world, and not just for something to eat, but to be recognized as someone who can be loved, and to receive that love, to know love.

Upon receiving this gift of her in the copier at Kinkos, I had to ask myself; Where am I hungry to be loved in life? Where am I hungry to be loved in my body, mind, health, and emotions? I ask you- How can you share more love unto your self, out in your community, family or friendship circles?

I heard a speaker recently say that spirituality is simply about being a nice person to others. Maybe we can start there.
-Love Tuesday

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