Friday, November 22, 2013

You Are the Grid

  Excerpt from my book 
 Teachings of the Scroll
          ©Tuesday May Thomas

Chapter One  You are the grid

Inherently grids belong to everyone, because the grid is everyone’s story. Individual and collective 'threads of thought' and 'threads of 'feeling', rooted as words- create the fabric
the grid is made of. Grids are equal to consciousness.

The grid not only reflects the consciousness of each individual as a general rule, but 
is a direct mirror of collective consciousness as it is and as it was, all the while 
forecasting what may be.You are the grid. We are the grid. Mind and body we 
are the substance the grid is made from. 

The grid system displays the interconnection of all things as a universal highway for 
the transportation, preparation and coagulation of information. The quantum world 
exists at this *(max) ‘plank’ position. Energy here is in no fixed state. Every possible
potential for all of life to animate itself resides here.

The universe we live in is composed of consciousness. 
This grid-field of consciousness is holographic and through the nature of unity, 
all things within it contain the seed of everything else. The potential for all realities 
resides within the grid. Our thoughts and feelings assist in directing and conjuring 
the grids we create and experience.

The grid is a malleable scaffolding of memory, reflecting past, present and future 
as they exist now throughout all minds, dimensions, space and time. 

This universal grid performs an ongoing shape shifting dance, 
the strings of who’s matrixfield are directed and pulled by the 
thoughts and feelings 
we entertain.

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