Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Urgency of Responsibility

By Tuesday May Thomas 2013

The number of healers on the planet is expanding, and with it a call for our global community to adopt increasing responsibility to their clients and students. Whilst time appears to be speeding up, so too are the processes through which our Earth family are achieving placement as the healers whom many go to for spiritual care, guidance and repair. This article contains concepts and guidelines to procure alignment with our highest selves, so the ‘work’ we share may truly bring about change that serves the higher good of all.

Dearest teacher, at the beginning of your spiritual journey- when seeking direction from a healer or persons with special abilities, were you able to discern what to hold as truth in the information shared with you? Did you believe everything you were told? If you were given seemingly ‘negative news’, could you decipher that which feels in alignment with your truth, or would the news cause you to seek further counsel from an additional healer?
Are you creating codependence amongst students and clients? Can you offer tools that empower students to do the work themselves?

Imagine going for a ‘healing session’ and being advised “Your third chakra is out of alignment, and bad energy is getting into your aura” by the person performing the healing. Has this happened to you in the past? Can you remember if the counselor also shared a means by which you can proceed in healing the issue once away from their company? Or were you left feeling worse and more confused than before your visit?
Let us recognize where we as healers may be creating co-dependant relationships with clients and students. Ask yourself if you are truly maximizing the time a client spends with you, or are you simply ‘going through the motions’ of a session? In other words, are you giving just enough to keep a client needing more- or can you empower them to do some of ‘the work’ themselves? Remember the phrase “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” It is understood each person you work with is different, requiring a variety of your skills and selective timing for what is to be shared, and when. With that said, there is often room to empower those we work with, including students, clients, friends and family.
Let us remind ourselves of the responsibility we hold as healers and light workers. Those that come for healing may be in a state of trauma and imbalance. Every word you say will make an impact. Be mindful to choose your words wisely. We are gatekeepers through which others find their way towards healing and spiritual awareness. We must wield this responsibility with great integrity. Bear in mind the motivations underlying practices you share, and clarify your intentions daily- especially if you act as teacher or healer for many people over the course of a week. Consider the ramifications of karma. Treat students and clientele as you would like to be treated. Perhaps in another time and space, they will provide counsel for you.

Appreciate it is honorable to create personal boundaries with students and clients alike.

Honor your inner guidance, as it will inform you when it is time to take a break from operating as ‘healer’. The old adage applies here; ‘Fill thy cup fist, and only then- share thy cup with others.’ This means tend to your wellness prior to tending to the wellness of others. While this may not always be possible in our busy day-to-day life, as healers this root-principle is vital to being of service at our highest capacity, especially where the sharing of healing modalities is at hand. Filling ourselves with adequate light, and not seeking to draw it from the clients that come to us in need- is of great honor and should go without saying. We may fill our vehicles with light by practicing meditation, reiki, breathing and visualization techniques, and also through performing physical practices such as tai chi, ki gong and yoga. These raise our frequency by opening and balancing the internal channels so greater light and life-force may flow through one’s body vehicle.

On another note, you may feel pressure or a sense of importance in answering the phone every time a client calls with a problem, even if it is after 10pm and you are in bed with your beloved. Do you feel obliged to be of service in this way, or can you gracefully set professional boundaries and turn your sign from ‘open’ to ‘closed’ within parameters that allow you to rest, restore and live a life outside of the healing center or office?  Equally so, listen to when Spirit guides you to take time out completely and work on yourself. A teacher is a student at heart, and   even a seasoned spiritual healer may require remedy as their personal frequency is ramped up over time.

 For the Highest Good of All’- The Golden Rule

As healers and light workers, we do not force anyone or anything’s will. We understand the larger picture of balance and divine timing as it interconnects all beings and things. Energy manipulation happens where there is a force of will, or in taking advantage of someone’s weakened state. When forcing a will, you or your client may be successful in getting what you/they ‘want’, but as the universe balances itself out to the degree you have forced it, you may find yourself unhappy with what is created, or disappointed in how it comes about- for it has been a force of nature and not in alignment with the natural unfolding order of the universal higher good. For some, this is a debatable theory. You may say; “ Well if it works out either way, whether I intend the Higher Good or not, and if everything in the universe is just as it should be- then isn’t the outcome for the highest good of all anyway?” The answer is, of course- yes it is, though the means by which things occur and are set into motion will have a direct cause and affect on the director of those things set in motion. This pertains to you, or your students. Remember everything is energy and you are a master of your time and space. Clearly intend what you ask for yourself and others, and be mindful how you ask for it to manifest.

Consider stating the intention: “May the Highest Good of All occur in the sharing and outcome of this healing.” Intending the Higher Good is the Golden Rule that releases the control of situations by the practitioner. Being appropriately & energetically unattached to outcomes allows the universe to be maestro in how the larger scheme-of-things come into being. In this way a much larger scope of universal possibility is granted to merge with the objective, be it; a client seeking spiritual transformation, daily wellbeing, change and manifestation, or spiritual/physical/mental and emotional healing. May the many healers and teachers of our time assume the highest integrity in adopting increasing responsibility to towards clients and students alike.

*Authors note: The title of this article “The Urgency of Responsibility” is granted by my dear friend and Irish mystic healer, Aoibhinn Murray.

© Tuesday May Thomas

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