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Feed the Light Body ~ Starve the Tar Body

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Clare Celeste Börsch

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The ‘light body’ is the vehicle of the Higher Self. It serves to protect and guide you in its highest frequency- that of universal love and light. It houses all love and light you have drawn into your mind, body, and aura throughout many lifetimes. As you heal your life and expand your consciousness, the light body grows to contain and reflect more light. As the light body increases and expands its power and potential, the ‘dark body’ becomes disturbed.
The dark body is the vehicle of the ‘shadow self’ and contains all negativity, pain, hate and fear harbored and collected over life times. The dark body plays the opposite role of the light body. Its nature is to manipulate and usurp your physical, mental and emotional bodies by distracting you, and drawing your attention away from the finer frequencies of the light body. It houses mental and emotional ‘triggers’ that represent limited-inner-patterning. The dark body encourages all that does not serve your highest good. As limited-inner-patterning is allowed to rule your mind, the shadow self can then perpetuate it-self, and keep you in the ‘dark’. Consider all suppressed emotions locked inside your body and mind. What toxic thoughts do you think every day? How many of these toxic thoughts are related to your past? All toxic thoughts and feelings feed the shadow self and dark body, this in turn creates the ‘tar body’. The tar body is a toxic double, or twin of you in energetic shadow-form.

As human beings we are susceptible to collecting toxic, or tar body debris inside of our bodies. Toxins reside in the foods we consume, the items we use in and on our bodies, in medications, alcohol, recreational drugs, the atmosphere and the environments we live in. This said, the primal source of tar body congestion is caused from mentally and emotionally perceived and stored negative experiences. All pain or toxic energy/feelings and emotions we hold onto from the past collect as tar.

 The tar body is ever resistant to healing, wellness or acts of a positive nature, including those of cultivating light, healing, self-love, higher- self empowerment, and random acts of kindness towards self and others. The tar body hoards, and stores memories of pain, anger, stress, fear, shame, guilt, jealousy, violence, gore, self-hatred and all aspects that induce negative qualities, feelings and thoughts into our minds and bodies. Through the law of vibration, these memories connect us to the same universal negatives that resonate as the like. This only serves to magnify ones destructive feelings and make them seem ‘more real’. If we do little to cleanse, clear and heal the toxic parts of our physical, mental and emotional selves, the filters of the aura become clogged. In this mode, we can feel powerless, confused and trapped by our circumstances.
Toxic energy collects and gathers within the crystalline tube, also known as the Sushumna. The crystalline tube generally runs from the top of the head, down to the tailbone, and sometimes extends longer. It houses the spine and chakra system. Imagine it as a clear cylindrical quartz crystal. This tube is the main channel through which all ‘bodies’ (including the physical) are charged and fed the nourishment of cosmic, or universal life force energy. This energy pours into our instruments through the top of the head and base of the spine, and into the crystalline tube. Universal life force energy next flows from this main highway of the spine into smaller channels called ‘nadis’ and meridians. The smaller channels serve to connect the physical body with its energetic components.  Illness, disease and mental/emotional imbalance can be imagined as a cause of tar body accumulation. Tar gathers in the crystalline tube first, and as it mounts- it spreads into pockets and channels throughout the body. The body then becomes congested and ones vital flow of energy slows down.

We can ‘work’ layers of the tar body out of our instruments- through using healing practices such as Reiki, acupuncture and conscious affirmation, and all that serves to re-establish patterns of light and love. These modalities in conjunction with physical practices such as pranayama (conscious breathing exercises), yoga, tai chi and chi kung for example, serve to infuse the light body with prana and life force. The dark body does not like the light(s) being ‘turned on’ and will do all it can to sustain itself amidst the oncoming light. But once a critical mass is reached, layers of the tar body begin to retreat from the vehicle, as it can no longer reside in an instrument of higher vibrations because it does not resonate with the bodies’ newly established cycles per second.

Some layers of tar body require more healing than others. The rewriting of cellular memory is vital for change and healing to take place. On a simple and practical level we may consciously introduce new visions of self, and affirmations to the mind. Healing the layers of ones ‘self’ requires consistent effort. Each and every time a negative pattern, thought or action arises in your awareness- erase it, and neutralize it by thinking, feeling and speaking ‘I place love there’, or ‘I place love here’. Feed the Light Body and starve the Tar Body. Do not give negative thoughts your attention. Do not be tempted to add to them and engage in their distracting power. Instead erase them as they appear, and place love ‘there’. Do this tirelessly and diligently, and your issues will begin to work themselves out. They will start to re-write themselves by their roots, and in alignment with the vibration of love.

As you become more conscious, and pain of the past has less hold on your mind and body, your energy will increase and your capacity to channel and receive greater volumes of light and love to self, others and the planet will increase. But not before the ‘healing of self’ takes place inside of you. Do not despair, you may have to show the tar body ‘out’ of your mind, body, and actions over and over again. The practice of placing love here rewires cellular memory from the inside out. This encourages a pure frequency of personal power to expand from your vehicle, while fostering the growth of the light body. Every time you hit a wall of resistance, erase the resistance and place love there. Use your mind and consciousness to erase it and rewrite the pattern. Your body and mind will have to undo and unlearn old dance steps that represent the way they are used to doing things. Soon your mind and body will begin to accustom themselves to the new dance steps you are introducing, and those steps (the action of placing love everywhere) become second nature.

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This article was first published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence Nov. 2012

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